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What Causes Paint to Bubble, Crack, and Peel?

Interior PaintingWhether through poor application or normal wear and tear, a host of factors can cause paint to fail. Looking at the symptoms is a way to find out why your paint has not functioned correctly. Call a professional painting service to fix up problem areas, and read this short guide to learn about the causes of common paint problems.

Poor Surface Preparation

One of the most important components of a paint job is surface preparation. When a surface is not properly prepared, paint loses its adhesion with time. This causes it to bubble and peel off in strips. Ridding a wall or exterior of dust, dirt, pollen, and other pollutants will ensure that paint will properly adhere to the surface. If paint in or on your home has widespread peeling, call a professional painting service to remove it and properly apply a fresh coat.


Oftentimes, the failure of paint is due not to the paint itself, but to its underlying materials. Excessive moisture inside and outside of a home can cause wood materials to crack. Materials like plywood are especially vulnerable to moisture damage. To help prevent paint problems, apply a coat of primer before painting the surface. If cracking is severe, the underlying materials may need to be replaced before you can apply any paint.

Improper Application

Another common paint problem is alligatoring. Alligatoring, or the development of fine cracks and wrinkles in the paint, occurs when too much paint is applied to a surface at once. This prevents the paint from drying and expanding properly, leading to adhesion loss. Paint exposed to this problem must be removed and correctly reapplied.

Hiring a professional painting service is the best way to avoid cracked, bubbling, or peeling paint. For high-quality interior and exterior painting in the Alexandria area, trust Williams Professional Painting. Call us at 703-768-8143 for a free estimate.

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